The Fastest External Desktop Storage Solution
SSD7121 - Next Gen U.2 NVMe RAID Controller

Featured Solution

Cross-Sync RAID Technology

Unbeatable NVMe Storage Performance

  • Quadruple Your NVMe Storage Capacity.
  • Cross-Sync NVMe RAID Controllers.

Embedded Solutions

SAS 12Gb/s RAID Solutions

  • 12 & 6Gb/s SAS Connectivity.
  • Compact Form Factors.
  • 8-16 Device Channels.

OEM/ODM Services

Rapdily Transform Your Concept to Finished Product
  • Comprehensive Product Management Solutions.
  • OEM Procedures.

Direct Mass Storage Solutions

40-160 Channel Mass Storage Solution

  • 6Gb/s SATA / PCIe 2.0 x16 / JBOD.
  • 40-Channels / Internal-Port Configuration.
  • Up to 4 cards per motherboard.