RocketRAID Macintosh Milestones

HighPoint was the first PC HBA manufacturer to enter the Mac market. In early 2005, we released OS X support for the RocketRAID 1820A 8-port PCI-X card for Mac G4 systems, followed mid-year by the first SATAII PCI-X adapter available for Macintosh G5 platforms, the RocketRAID 2220. We have since developed Mac support for every subsequent generation of product, right up to our current line of SATA 6G RAID controllers, and our Apple-only RocketRAID eSATA for Mac, which is available direct from the Apple Store.

HighPoint Launches the Industry's Most Affordable 6Gb/s Hardware RAID HBA's; the RocketRAID 362x Series.

HighPoint announces Thunderbolt™ Aware RocketRAID SATA 6Gb/s and SAS 6Gb/s RAID HBA series.

HighPoint launches the industry's first 16-port 6Gb/s SATA Expansion Module - Quadruples the storage capacity of each external Mini-SAS port; the Rocket EJ 340.

HighPoint launches the industry's first 4-port USB 3.0 RAID controller designed for Mac OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion; the RocketU 1144CM.

HighPoint launches Industry's first Thunderbolt™ Powered Storage Dock - RocketStor 5212.

HighPoint Launches the 2nd Generation USB 3.0 Storage Dock – Dual-Dedicated 5Gb/s with UAS; the RocketStor 5422.


HighPoint announces that the RocketRAID 27xx, 43xx, and 64xL series are incorporated into Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

HighPoint launches Industry's first Dual-Dedicated 6Gb/s eSATA Storage Dock - RocketStor 5322.

HighPoint launches 2nd generation 4-port USB 3.0 with 20Gb/s transfer bandwidth for Mac OS X; the RocketU 1144BM.


HighPoint announces that RocketRAID 2700 SAS 6Gb/s HBA's are Integrated into Lion.

HighPoint launches Industry's first 4-port USB 3.0 RAID HBA for Mac with dedicated 5Gb/s per-port performance; the RocketU 1144AM.

HighPoint launches Industry's first Dual-Dedicated 5Gb/s USB 3.0 Storage Docks - RocketStor 5100 Series.


HighPoint launches industry's first 6Gb/s RAID HBA's for Mac; RocketRAID 600 series.


HighPoint external host adapters integrated into OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

The RocketRAID eSATA for Mac is available direct from the Apple Store)


Fastest Hardware IOP RAID for Mac Pro – RR4322 – bootable.

MacWorld Australia reviews the Proavio/HighPoint RR3522 external storage solution vs. LaCie and Western Digital Units – HighPoint is ranked #1.


HighPoint’s launches Customers can search for products based on their Mac platforms and storage requirements.

HighPoint delivers the first hardware RAID host adapter for Mac systems – the RocketRAID 3320.


HighPoint launches Mac support for the RocketRAID 231x host adapter series– Affordable 4 port RAID 5 adapters and support for eSATA configurations, for Apple’s first Generation Mac Pro platform.

HighPoint delivers the its first 16 port RAID controller for Mac platforms; the RocketRAID 2340.

HighPoint launches the first SATAII external PCI-E RAID host adapter – the 8-port Mini-SAS RocketRAID 2332.


HighPoint launches the first PCI-Express SATAII RAID host adapter for Dual-Core? Power Mac G5’s – RocketRAID 2320.

HighPoint releases the first PCI-X SATAII host adapter for Mac G5 platforms – the RocketRAID 2220.


HighPoint delivers the first low cost 8-port card for Mac OS X 10.4 G4/G5 Platforms.