Computex 2013 - Invitation
HighPoint Technologies is exhibiting at Computex 2013
We want to see you in Taipei, Taiwan
Reseller/Distributor or Media Representatives:
HighPoint representatives are on-hand for face-to-face discussion, and an introduction to HighPoint Technologies and our extensive storage product portfolio.
For the better part of two decades, HighPoint has been at the forefront of the storage industry. Our market-proven RAID and HBA technology power storage configurations world-wide; from enterprise-level servers and professional media applications, to personal storage.
HighPoint Technologies intends to shake up the storage industry at this year's Computex exhibition, in Taipei, Taiwan! For 2013, we will be proudly unveiling our revolutionary new line of Storage Solutions designed to maximize performance, optimize available capacity and streamline the deployment of 6Gb/s devices over Thunderbolt™, Mini-SAS, eSATA, Port Multiplier and USB 3.0 connectivity.
HighPoint Storage Solution Highlights:
RocketStor 5212 - Powered by Thunderbolt™ Technology
RocketStor 5212 - Powered by Thunderbolt™ Technology
  Industry's 1st Certified Thunderbolt™ Storage Dock: Featuring 10GB/s Performance!
  • Maximize SATA 6G Performance over Thunderbolt™ Connectivity
  • Designed for MacBooks & IMac Platforms
HighPoint Storage Performance Solutions
  HighPoint Performance Storage Solutions are designed to maximize the performance of 6Gb/s SATA storage configurations over Mini-SAS, Thunderbolt™, eSATA and USB 3.0 connectivity.
HighPoint SRC Technology: SSD RAID Caching Solutions
  Supercharged Terabyte Storage
  • Boost Storage Performance!
  • Reduce Access Latency
Hardware RAID HBA Series
2 Internal Mini-SAS Ports (SFF-8087) 2 External Mini-SAS Ports (SFF-8088)
RocketRAID 452x: 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID HBA
RocketRAID 362x: 6Gb/s SATA RAID HBA
  • Dedicated RAID-On-Chip Processor
  • 512MB DDR 3 Cache Memory
  • Dual Mini-SAS Ports (2x SFF-8088 / 2x SFF-8087)
  • PCI-Express 2.0 x8
HighPoint Mass Storage Solutions - Built for Mass Storage
Industry's 1st 32-Drive SATA 6Gb/s Hardware RAID Storage Solution!
QUADRUPLE the Storage Capacity of
Hardware RAID HBA's!
  RocketRAID 3622 & Rocket EJ SATA Expander Modules
Industry's 1st 40-channel SATA 6Gb/s HBA
Industry's 1st eSATA 6Gb/s Port Multiplier RAID Storage Solution supports 20 Drives!
40-Drive, single-board DAS Solution!    
  Rocket 750 - PCI-Express 2.0 x8 10 SFF-8087 Ports RocketStor 5315 & RocketRAID 600L RAID HBA's
HighPoint Storage Software Solutions - Making Storage Simple
HighPoint's SMART Clone Storage Solution
  HighPoint Storage Software Solutions were designed take the cost and complexity out of cutting-edge storage technology. RocketStor SMART Software Suites work alongside HighPoint's award-winning RocketStor Storage Docks, to enhance the utility of 6Gb/s storage devices and streamline the user experience. RocketStor series storage docks maximize the performance potential of SATA storage over 6Gb/s Mini-SAS, 6Gb/s eSATA and USB 3.0 connectivity. A selection of Storage Optimization, Management and Backup software applications allow customers to take full advantage of the uncompromised transfer bandwidth and versatility of RocketStor storage docks.
  • High-Performance Disk cloning Application
  • Clone an entire drive or selected partition to the drive of your choice
  • Supports System Disks and Data Drives
  • Intuitive, bootable interface works with any PC and optical drive
  • Disk and Partition Imaging - create ISO images of the selected disk or partion for quick restoration
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