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faq FAQ0035All components
RAID5 capacityWhat’s the maximum RAID5 disk capacity I can create
May 31st 2012HighPoint Global SupportRAID5 capacity602
faq FAQ0034All components
“Disabled” status RAID recovery [For RR6xx(L)/RR26xx/RR27xx/RR45xx Series]How to recover my “disabled” status RAID disk?
May 31st 2012HighPoint Global SupportRecover “disabled” RAID status749
faq FAQ0031All components
“Disabled” markI saw a “Disabled” mark shown on RAID management GUI applications and I couldn’t access my RAID disk.
May 31st 2012HighPoint Global SupportThe “Disabled” mark is shown on RAID management GUI Applications398
faq FAQ0025All components
Expanding RAID array with OCEHow do I expand my RAID array using the OCE feature?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportOCE, expand RAID538
faq FAQ0024All components
cannot use the CLI with my distribution of Linux, is there an update available.The CLI does not support my Linux distribution will there be an update?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportLinux CLI230
faq FAQ0023All components
I want to install Linux with latest 3.0 kernel, will your controllers work with the latest Linux Oses.Does the RocketRAID series controllers support the latest kernel releases?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportLinux, kernel 3.0, latest kernel478
faq FAQ0022All components
I attached the Mac OS X boot drive to my controller but it will not boot.How do I get my controller to boot to Mac OS X?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportBoot to Mac OS X, EFI422
faq FAQ0021All components
I cannot log into web GUI there is a local host is not found error messageHow do I log into your web GUI? I get an error message every time I try to login.
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global Supportweb GUI , log in error779
faq FAQ0017All components
The RocketAID SAS controller is connected to a SAS Expander chassis but none of the HDD devices can be seenDoes your RocketRAID SAS series controllers support SAS expander chassis?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportSAS Expander310
faq FAQ0015All components
My Mac Pro does not go into sleep mode with your RocketU controller installed.Does your controller support sleep mode in the Mac Pro?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportSleep mode262
faq FAQ0006All components
I installed multiple RocketRAID controllers but I cannot boot and there is a Out of Memory error messageCan I install more than 1 RocketRAID series controller in my system?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportWords:Multiple RocketRAID series controllers. Cannot boot up.670
faq FAQ0005All components
There is an Out of Memory error message during POSTThe system will report Out of Memory error whenever the RocketRAID controller is installed. I cannot continue to boot?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportOut of memory, system does not boot up.371
faq FAQ0003All components
When RAID is configured on the controller the system will not boot upWhen I create a RAID array on the controller, the system does not boot from my onboard SATA controller it tries to boot to the RAID array on the RocketRAID controller?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportCan’t boot up,Configured as RAID, system hang1348
faq FAQ0002All components
Blank Screen when controller is installedI get a blank screen when the card is installed in my system?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportBlank screen, can’t boot, BIOS resources issue, INT13 disable967
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