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faq FAQ0043All components
Does your RocketRAID and RocketU family series controllers support 3TB or 4TB HDD?Does your RocketRAID and RocketU family series controllers support 3TB or 4TB HDD?
Jan 21st 2013HighPoint Global Support3TB 4TB HDD1333
faq FAQ0008All components
The new 3TB HDD is not detected by the controllerDoes your controller support 3TB HDD’s?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global Support3TB HDD, BIOS detection, disk not detected623
faq FAQ0009All components
The new 4TB HDD is not detected by the controllerDoes your controller support 4TB HDD’s?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global Support4TB HDD, BIOS detection, disk not detected686
faq FAQ0044All components
The ‘Base System Device ` driveAfter installing the host adapter with the Windows driver, there is a entry in Windows Device Manager with a yellow mark for “Base System Device” Where is this driver package for that entry?
Mar 25th 2013HighPoint Global SupportBase System Device878
faq FAQ0019All components
I tried to update the BIOS on the controller but the utility keeps reporting cannot find host adapter.When I try to update the controller BIOS, the utilities will report that no host adapter is found. How can I fit this?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportBIOS update, host not found.715
faq FAQ0002All components
Blank Screen when controller is installedI get a blank screen when the card is installed in my system?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportBlank screen, can’t boot, BIOS resources issue, INT13 disable968
faq FAQ0055BIOS
PC hangs during Boot UpPC hangs during Boot Up
Nov 27th 2015HighPoint Global Supportboot676
faq FAQ0022All components
I attached the Mac OS X boot drive to my controller but it will not boot.How do I get my controller to boot to Mac OS X?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportBoot to Mac OS X, EFI422
faq FAQ0003All components
When RAID is configured on the controller the system will not boot upWhen I create a RAID array on the controller, the system does not boot from my onboard SATA controller it tries to boot to the RAID array on the RocketRAID controller?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportCan’t boot up,Configured as RAID, system hang1354
faq FAQ0041All components
RAID configuration is compatibleWill my RAID disk maintain the same if I relocate it to different HighPoint Host Bus Adpaters?
Oct 17th 2012HighPoint Global SupportData compatible893
faq FAQ0012All components
The status of the RAID array is "Disable" after 1 disk was reported bad. How can I rebuild or repair my RAID arrayHow do I recover the RAID array if the status is reported as Disabled?
Apr 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportDisable RAID array, rebuild and repair846
faq FAQ0039All components
How to let Windows recognize RAID diskWindows can’t recognize the RAID disk
Jul 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportDisk volume1413
faq FAQ0049All components
Wrong adapterI can’t install Mac driver for the adapter. It always fails.
Jun 26th 2013HighPoint Global SupportFailed to install Mac driver for this adapter817
faq FAQ0038All components
WDC Green drive (WD30EZRX)I got system time out error and RAID disk broken frequently
Jul 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportGreen drive (WD30EZRX)920
faq FAQ0048All components
Mac Driver UpdateAfter upgrading OS X 10.8.x for the system, the RocketRAID 2314/2322 series host adapter can no longer detect the original RAID disk. How to solve this?
Jun 26th 2013HighPoint Global SupportHow to remove embedded driver in Mac for RocketRAID 2314/23221601
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