RMA Information
HighPoint RMA Form
How to Fill Out RMA Form
HighPoint Return Shipment Slip
June 3, 2011-HighPoint Product Support
&Warranty Announcement for Rocket 620-OEM 6Gb/s SATA Host Bus Adapter
RMA Terms and Conditions

HighPoint RMA Policy applies to customers who have purchased from United States or Canada. For other countries, check with their local distributors for their return policy. Your RMA request will be forwarded to the local branch office for processing. Local RMA policies are subject to change.

1) Pre-Requests for issuing an RMA Number

A.   RMA product needs to be within Warranty period
B.   Download the HighPoint RMA Form - HighPoint MUST receive a completed RMA form to process an RMA request
C.   Purchase Invoice - HighPoint MUST receive a copy of the original purchase invoice with RMA return.
D.   If customer returns address is outside the continental US (Hawaii or Canada), customer needs to agree to the following conditions- (HighPoint will send email to customer with total cost and payment options. Once payment is received by HighPoint the RMA# will be issued.)
  D-1.  The Customer pays the costs for the RMA shipment to HighPoint.
  D-2.  The Customer pays the return costs of the RMA return package.
  D-3.  The Customer pays all custom tax and duties. (See below for payment options)
Note 1: All RMA requests will take up to 5 Business days of processing time upon receiving items (B–D).
Note 2: The RMA number remain valid for 30 days from the issue date.
2) Shipping the RMA package to "HighPoint RMA Department"

Cut and Paste the HighPoint Return Shipment Slip to the outside of the RMA Package.
HighPoint Technologies, Inc.
1161 Cadillac Court
Milpitas, CA 95035
Attn: HighPoint RMA Dept.

Note : 
A.   Paste the HighPoint Return Shipment Slip on the outside of the box
B.   Print out and include the RMA Form
C.   Include all original kit contents (e.g. retail box/ HBA/ cables/ CD and low profile bracket with the RMA return)
D.   Refer to packaging accessories on the retail box

Without items (A-D) HighPoint will reject the package and Customer will need to resubmit RMA#.
3) RMA for Repair

HighPoint will only ship the RMA return package to the address provided in the RMA Form. Custom is responsible for all shipping cost to second replacement if the wrong return address was filled on the RMA form.

Replacement within the continental US will take up to 21 Business Days (3 weeks) upon receiving RMA return package. HighPoint will examine packaging contents and verify the returned product for defects.

Note : All RMA return shipping services use FedEx Ground. HighPoint is responsible for the replacement shipping & handling charges within the continental US.

4) RMA Outside the continental US (Hawaii and Canada)

The Customer will need to agree to the following conditions:
1) The Customer pays the costs for the RMA shipment to HighPoint.
2) The Customer pays the return costs.
3) The Customer pays all custom tax and duties.

HighPoint will send the Customer an email with total cost and two payment options for RMA return. The costs will be based on the return carrier FedEx.

Option 1: Payment by cashier check. No additional cost will be added to the total.
Option 2: Payment by Wire Transfer. Additional $20 will be added to the cost.

Payment Methods Additional charge
Cashier Check $0
Account Wire Transfer $20 / transaction
5) HighPoint Warranty Policies

Limited Warranty period (parts): 1 year
Limited Warranty period (Labor): 1 year

Replacement / Repair Procedure for Hardware:

HighPoint will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement part within ten (10) working days after receipt of the RMA request. Actual delivery times may vary depending on Customer location.

HighPoint Product Warranty Information
Product Lines Product Name Warranty Weight Per Unit
Tower RAID Enclosures RocketStor 6314A 1 Year 9.46 lbs
Rackmount RAID Enclosures RocketStor 6422AS 1 Year 36 lbs
RocketStor 6424TS 1 Year 47.50 lbs
RocketStor 6422TS 1 Year 36.85 lbs
RocketStor 6421VS 1 Year 35.65 lbs
Thunderbolt Series RocketStor 6361A 1 Year 4.74 lbs
RocketStor 6351A 1 Year 2.75 lbs
RocketStor 6328AS 1 Year 20 lbs
RocketStor 6328LS 1 Year 13.00 lbs
RocketStor 6328L 1 Year 2.75 lbs
RocketStor 6328 2 Years 3.64 lbs
RocketStor 6324AS 1 Year 14.00 lbs
RocketStor 6324LS 1 Year TBA
RocketStor 6324L 1 Year 2.75 lbs
RocketStor 6324U 1 Year 3.14 lbs
NA762TB 1 Year 17.00 lbs
NA381TB 1 Year 57.40 lbs
NA333TB 1 Year 52.00 lbs
NA211TB-LD 1 Year 22.10 lbs
NA211TB 1 Year 19.85 lbs
RocketCache RocketCache 3240X8 1 Year
0.7 lbs
RocketCache 3244X8
Rocket EJ EJ 340 1 Year
0.60 lbs
EJ 240
0.51 lbs
EJ 220 0.496 lbs
EJ 6172
1.06 lbs
RocketU RocketU 1144E 1 Year
0.37 lbs
RocketU 1144CM
0.44 lbs
RocketU 1144C 0.43 lbs
RocketU 1144B 0.51 lbs
RocketU 1144A
0.353 lbs
RocketU 1142A
0.37 lbs
RocketU 1122 0.40 lbs
RocketU 1022C 0.42 lbs
RocketU 1022A
0.32 lbs
0.32 lbs
RocketStor RocketStor 5422A
1 Year
2.75 lbs
RocketStor 5422 2.75 lbs
RocketStor 5411D 2.04 lbs
RocketStor 5411A 1.33 lbs
RocketStor 5322 2.45 lbs
RocketStor 5212 0.87 lbs
RocketStor 5122B 2.27 lbs
RocketStor 5122R 2.27 lbs
DATA Center DC 7280
3 Years
1.25 lbs.
SAS/SATA 12Gb/s RocketRAID 3740A
1 Years
0.29 lbs
SAS/SATA 6Gb/s RocketRAID 4522
3 Years
1.05 lbs
RocketRAID 4520
1.45 lbs
RocketRAID 2760A
1.25 lbs
RocketRAID 2760
1.5 lbs
RocketRAID 2744 1.45 lbs
RocketRAID 2740 1.15 lbs
RocketRAID 2720C2
1 Year
0.44 lbs
RocketRAID 2722
0.39 lbs
RocketRAID 2721 0.71 lbs
RocketRAID 2720 0.84 lbs
RocketRAID 2720SGL
0.34 lbs
RocketRAID 2711 0.38 lbs
RocketRAID 2710 0.71 lbs
Rocket 2720SGL 0.37 lbs
Rocket 2722 0.38 lbs
SAS/SATA 3Gb/s RocketRAID 4460
3 Years
1.45 lbs
RocketRAID 43xx
1.5 lbs
RocketRAID 2684
1 Year
1.0 lbs
RocketRAID 2680 0.82 lbs
RocketRAID 2680SGL 0.35 lbs
RocketRAID 2644X4 1.0 lbs
RocketRAID 2642 1.0 lbs
RocketRAID 2640X4 1.0 lbs
RocketRAID 2640X4SGL 0.34 lbs
RocketRAID 2640X1 1.0 lbs
SATA 6Gb/s RocketRAID 3622
3 Years
1.05 lbs
RocketRAID 3620
1.45 lbs
RocketHybrid 1222 1 Year 0.51 lbs
RocketHybrid 1220 0.49 lbs
Rocket 750 1.23 lbs.
RocketRAID 644
0.42 lbs.
RocketRAID 644L
0.50 lbs
RocketRAID 644LS 0.44 lbs
RocketRAID 644M
0.67 lbs
RocketRAID 642L
0.50 lbs
RocketRAID 640
0.42 lbs
RocketRAID 640L
0.50 lbs
RocketRAID 622 0.42 lbs
RocketRAID 620 0.49 lbs
Rocket 644L 0.50 lbs
Rocket 640L 0.50 lbs
Rocket 622A 0.40 lbs
Rocket 622M 0.40 lbs
Rocket 620A 0.39 lbs
SATA 6Gb/s Gen 3 RocketRAID 840A 1 Year 0.26 lbs
SATA 3Gb/s RocketRAID 35xx
3 Years
1.5 lbs
RocketRAID 25xx
RocketRAID 2340
1 Year
1.45 lbs
RocketRAID 2322
RocketRAID 2320
RocketRAID 2314
RocketRAID 2310 0.8 lbs
RocketRAID 2302 1.45 lbs
RocketRAID 2300 0.8 lbs
RocketRAID 22xx
1.5 lbs
RocketRAID 1740
RocketRAID 1742
RocketRAID 172x
SATA 1.5 Gb/s RocketRAID 164x
1 Year
1.5 lbs
RocketRAID 152x
1.5 lbs
ATA-133 RAID RocketRAID 4xx
1 Year
1.5 lbs
RocketRAID 1xx
1.5 lbs
ATA-133 Non-RAID Rocket 1xx
1 Year
1.0 lbs
Accessories BBU-04
1 Year