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The RocketRAID 4500 series, HighPoint's newest class of 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID HBA's, were designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional business and media applications, where consistent performance, data availability and reliability of storage are paramount.
Next Generation SAS 6Gb/s RAID-on-Chip Processor
The dedicated RAID-on-Chip processor and 512MB of onboard DDR 3 cache memory offloads RAID processing from the host system, ensuring stable and high-performance data transfer.
RocketRAID 4500 series HBA's are ideal 6Gb/s upgrades for current generation 3Gb/s RocketRAID 4300 Series Hardware RAID Controllers. Migrating existing 3Gb/s RAID storage to high-performance 6Gb/s SAS has never been easier.
Superior Reliability
HighPoint's comprehensive suite of data security, RAID recovery and storage maintenance features provide an unprecedented level of reliability.
Seamless Upgrade Paths
RocketRAID 4500 series HBA's are capable of supporting RAID arrays configured with any member of our extensive RocketRAID HBA product lines. Advanced storage management features such as Online RAID Level Migration (ORLM) and Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) allow clients to dynamically expand, upgrade and convert storage configurations to keep pace with changing application workloads, without compromising critical data investments.
Delivers True Host-to-Target SAS 6Gb/s Connectivity
True end-to-end 6Gb/s SAS Expansion enables each RocketRAID 4500 series HBA support up to 128 SAS/SATA devices in cascade configurations when used in conjunction with SAS Expander devices.
Dual-Storage Modes: LTO Tape + RAID Arrays
LTO Tape Solutions for Legacy Mac Pro and Thunderbolt Capable PCIe Platforms
Serial Attached SCSI Specification, which allows them to support Ultrium LTO tape drives and SAS/SATA Hard Disk Drives, simultaneously, for Legacy Mac Pro workstations and Thunderbolt™ capable PCIe platforms for Mac OS X 10.9.2 / 10.8 / 10.6.8 and later.
RocketRAID 4520   RocketRAID 4522
2 Internal Mini-SAS Ports (SFF-8087) 2 External Mini-SAS Ports (SFF-8088)
RocketRAID 4500 Series Accessories
Battery Backup Unit
  HPTBBU-05 is a Battery Backup Unit designed for use with RocketRAID 4500 Series HBA's. Battery Backup Units grant additional layers of data protection in the case of critical system faults and hardware failures.
JBOD Expander
Mini-SAS Cables