Industry's Fastest Dual-bay eSATA Storage Docks
Up to 12Gb/s of Transfer Bandwidth!

No more compromises.
HighPoint's RocketStor 5322 delivers Native 6Gb/s technology, inside and out.

Speed Companion for 6Gb/s SATA SSD's
Finally, True 6Gb/s eSATA is here - uncompromised bandwidth for 6Gb/s SSD's

RocketStor eSATA Storage Docks deliver dedicated 6Gb/s eSATA host connectivity. Each 6Gb/s SATA bay is capable of fully leveraging the performance potential of today's high-speed SATA 6Gb/s SSD's.

Industry Standard SATA 6Gb/s Connectivity

RocketStor eSATA Storage Docks are compatible with all standard motherboard 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s eSATA ports, and PCIe eSATA host adapters, including Rocket and RocketRAID 600 series HBA's.

Industry Standard SATA 6Gb/s Connectivity
RocketStor Storage Docks are ideal for crowded desktop and workstation environments.
  • • Open topped design promotes cooling and maximizes your workspace
  • • Hot-Swap Support - quick release buttons allow you easily add or remove any SATA SSD and hard drive
  • • Fully compatible with PC and Mac platforms
  • • Supports any generation of 2.5" and 3.5" SATA device
RocketStor 5322
  • Dual-Dedicated 6Gb/s eSATA Storage Dock
  • 2 x SATA 3.0/ 2.0 HDD/SSD supported
  • Compatible with industry standard eSATA connectivity
  • 2.5" and 3.5" HDD/SSD Compatible
  • Designed for PC and Mac