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Introducing the Rocket EJ340:
The Industry's First 6Gb/s SATA Expander Module
Quadruples the storage capacity of each RocketRAID SFF-8088 Port!
The Rocket EJ340 allows RocketRAID series 6Gb/s HBA's support up to 16 SATA hard drives from a single connector, effectively quadrupling the storage capability of each external Mini-SAS port!
Rocket EJ340 SATA Expander Modules EXPAND the Storage Capability of RocketRAID 6Gb/s Mini-SAS RAID HBA's: 400% more Storage Capacity and Scalable Performance.
Best Cost/Performance Alternative for SAS Expander Solutions
Rocket EJ340 paired with RocketRAID HBA's deliver a wide-range of SATA Storage Solutions suitable for any platform: from Professional Server & Workstation Applications to Entry-Level RAID Storage upgrades.
Built-In Storage Management Capability
The EJ340 delivers comprehensive enclosure management and monitoring features designed to simplify and streamline storage maintenance. Each EJ340 featured integrated temperature sensors and 3 fan ports with automated speed-control to help maintain a consistent temperature for the local storage environment.
In addition, EJ340 Expander Modules provide connectors for up to 2 additional temperature sensors, an audible alarm, and LED pins for enclosure monitoring, error and warning notifications.
Storage and Enclosure Management Suite
Rocket EJ340 Expander Modules include a comprehensive storage monitoring suite, which merges seamlessly with RocketRAID RAID Management interfaces. An intuitive web-based interface provides users with clear, concise summaries of all hosted storage devices; the status of individual drives, RAID & JBOD configurations, storage enclosure hardware, and any hosted RocketRAID HBA.
The comprehensive selection of real-time monitoring services analyze internal temperature readings of storage enclosures and individual SATA drives, provide controls for cooling apparatus, and actively monitor the status of power supplies.
Comprehensive Operating System Platform Support
HighPoint has developed a series of software packages that allow professional solution providers to craft custom-tailored storage configurations suitable for any computing platform. Device drivers and storage management suites are readily available for Mac and PC platforms, and support all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux Distributions, FreeBSD and Mac OS X.