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HighPoint RocketHybrid– Hybrid Drives
Hybrid Storage Applications
Ideal for resource-hungry digital media, editing software and storage-intensive gaming.

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Hybrid Boot Solution
Learn how to build your own high-performance, high-capacity Boot-drive. Upgrade your current system or install directly to a new Hybrid Drive.

Hybrid Boot Guide
  HighPoint’s RocketHybrid HBA's combine the superior performance of an SSD, with the cost-effective, high-capacity value of a SATA HDD, into a single storage device know as a Hybrid Drive. Hybrid Drives are optimized for high-performance computing, and deliver 80% of the SSD’s performance boost, with 100% of the HDD’s capacity. The Smart Hybrid Storage Solution provides the perfect blend of performance and capacity, without sacrificing affordability; satisfying the needs of gamers, digital image editors and their power-hungry application.
Feature Highlights
Performance : 80% of SSD Performance (PCMark)
Price : 1/3 the cost
Safe Mode : Performance and Fault Tolerance
Capacity Mode : Maximize Storage and Capacity
GUI : Flexible, intuitive administration console for power users
  HighPoint’s RocketHybrid HBA’s combine high-value and high performance into a solution that appeals to a wide array of clients-types, ranging from the home PC enthusiast to Media Professionals, Graphic Artists and Photographers.
Management Suite – Create and Optimize Hybrid Drives  

A simple, easy to use management suite allow users to quickly configure Hybrid Drives. Two types of Hybrid Drive are available; Safe Mode mirrors all data to the HDD for security. Capacity Mode optimizes the Hybrid Drive for rapid file access – ideal for high performance applications like media editing and gaming.

Advanced users can customize their Hybrid Drive, and manually select files for optimization using the Web Interface.

HighPoint RocketHybrid HBA’s: SATA 6Gb/s PCI-E 2.0 RocketHybrid 1220 and 1222
RocketHybrid 1220 RocketHybrid 1222
PCI-Express Bus Lanes
2.0 x1 2.0 x1
SATA Interface
2 SATA Devices 2 SATA Devices
Port / Connector Type
Form Factor
Low Profile Low Profile
Board Dimensions
3.99’L x 4.16’H 3.99’L x 4.16’H
Performance Benchmarks
  RocketHybrid has undergone rigorous performance testing with various HDD and SSD capacities and vendor brands. Below are benchmark results based on industry-stand PCMark test measurements.
  HDD RocketHybrid SSD
PCMARK Western Digital 6G 1TB 256GB SSD + 1 TB HDD Micron 6G 256GB
5580 25675 28179
  HDD RocketHybrid SSD
PCMARK Seagate 320GB 80GB SSD + 320GB HDD Intel 80GB
25428 31443
Your Best Option
  Capacity Storage Cost Performance
Option 1: SSD Only 320GB SSD $800 +(100% baseline) 31443 (100% baseline)
Option 2: RocketHybrid 80GB+ 320GB=400GB $250 (31%) 25428 (80.9%)
Option 3: HDD Only 320GB HDD $50 (6%) 4602 (14.6%)